Passing Through

An empty moment of silence…

punctuated by interludes of distracting thoughts.

perseverance attracts attention…

where silence is transmuttated into stillness.

the voice is subtle until you attune yourself to its vibration…

it humbles itself welcoming you into awareness.

Peace saturates the Universe and everything in it…

Breathe and touch the place within transceding into bliss.

Your soul is in alignment with the the Laws of the Universe…

Practicing the Presence.






A preview of what is coming up! Poetry to contemplate and enjoy! Mini meditations and Dialogue on life experiences. 

Upcoming titles are: FEAR, HEARTS KEEPER, TRAVELING LIGHT AND THE INNER ROOMATE.  I look forward to sharing with all of you and bringing clarification into my life. Blessings!

Thought of the Day

Today contemplate the Truth that you have everything you need to be a success. Understand that your part is to graciously accept. This moment-by-moment acceptance will utlimately transform any tendencies toward mediocrity. It will create within you a response of strength, confidence and a willingness to more authentically express more of your true nature. Prepare yourself for success!

I had the priviledge of babysitting my twin granddaughters last night. Trepidation was knocking at my hearts door welcoming me to invite in any fear surrounding my capability of this task. Mama said sleep eludes them at night be prepared. This was a mission of love and respite on my part, giving her a time to rest and renew. Sweet precious faces sleeping greeted me early in the evening. I prepared the evening bottles and set up for the coming hours. I decided to set an environment of peace and tranquility. Soft music, a fan gently pushing the air into cool submisison, and soft lighting greeted my little ones. Grandma had this handled no anxiety just practiced anticipation of a lovely evening. Feeling secure in their car seats encased in a warm embrace they slept. I centered myself in a peaceful acceptance of being graced by two sweet innocents. To hold them against my chest to feel their warmth and smell the scent that only babies exude, soft and heartwarming was a blessing. No tears or anxious cries greeted me that night only soft grunts of awakening and a need to be fed. The light cast a shadow on their faces illuminating the gentle curves of their soft cheeks. I felt a peacefulness inside of me, tending to these gentle souls. Complete trust, knowing I was there to tend their every need. An agreement with the Universe to be provided for without thought or worry. They slept for hours in a welcoming presence of love and faith. Even though their concept of the world was not written in words but it was felt and absored by their tiny bodies. To gift myself with an experience of love was a present to be cherished. Totally in the NOW fully present I was awake to duties that are usulaly routine if I allowed it to be. I accepted each moment with anticipation and cherished each precious second. Age blends wisdom and patience and experience into a thoughtful experience. What a blessing to be at this stage in my life where nothing matters but the moment and how blessed I am by it.  LOVE

In life judgement is the EGO’s idea of “I see you differently” BUT  I do not want to focus on myself. “You ARE not ok but I am.”  I want to tell you and the world how badly you are acting and what you can do to make my life easier by conforming to my needs. I stand up close to a problem with a distorted view of it, so I lack perspective. I am right so I make you wrong. Is there any other way of looking at it? I am busy “trying” to figure you out but I never look at myself. What does SELF-AWARE mean? I know WHO “i” am. Who are you? I question with WHY when no answer is available. I perseverate on it until it makes me SAD and it is YOUR fault. My life it happy and I want it to stay that way so do NOT interfere with that (bottom line is I can’t understand why you don’t like me).  You said I make myself a VICTIM to a circumstance. How is that possible? This was done TO me, so I am judging your behavior.  I was being the person I always am.  “What is this thing about a mirror?” Why should I look at myself? 

Build a bridge and “Get over it” Find a way of self-evaluating and stand back. When judging others we judge ourselves. It is NEVER about them but about us and how we react to situations and people. We cannot change anyone but we CAN change ourselves and model different behavior. They will change or be out of your life and that is OK. The center of the Universe is YOU but not everyone has to be in that center with you. 

Thought of the Day

Words to contemplate. Time to sit and relax and allow the silence to heal, nurture and guide.

Putting a value on status

will create contentiousness.

If you overvalue possessions,

people will begin to steal.

By not displaying what is desirable, you will

cause the people’s hearts to remain undisturbed.

The sage governs

by emptying minds and hearts,

by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones, 

Practice not doing…

When action is pure and selfless, 

everything settles into its own perfect place. 

(3rd Verse) Loa Tzu
































































































































































































































































Have you become imprisoned unwilling to forgive?

Are you keeping people out or are the walls

keeping you isolated, alone and bitter?

Have you built walls of separation thinking

you are protecting yourself? 

Or are you simply shutting other people out

of your life?

Pleas of forgiveness echo against your walls

Yet you are resistant, hollow to the sound.

You must tear down the walls!

You are at the crossroad, which direction will 

you travel?

Ignoring buries you deeper and deeper into

the pain and contaminates you

and those around you. 

Tear down the walls!

Open to forgiveness and allow yourself the 

freedom to move forward accepting the

power of love to operate in your life.



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