Describing an event that surpasses any expectation is a valuable gift to hold as a memory. I was attending to my two year old grandson one afternoon when he decided to start screaming instead of expressing vocally. I turned to him and told him to use his words. Then I asked him to sit on the floor with me and start to deep breathe to let go of any anger inside of him. I showed him how to deep breathe. He took in a deep breath and let it out. We did this several times. I told him we were going to meditate. He looked at me and stated “Like the lady?” I was dumbfounded at first not quite understanding what he was trying to articulate. He then went into my bedroom and brought out the figurine I had of a woman sitting in meditation. It holds a candle and he had seen it on my nightstand. I could not find words I was amazed at his ability to understand what that meant. I hugged him and said “Yes, just like the lady.” We put it in front of us and he placed his small hands on his knees and we both took in a breath and sighed on one breath and said Ohm. He repeated it several times and tears were in my eyes of one small innocent learning to sit in the silence and find peace within himself.  When I get frustrated he now looks at me and says “Breathe” 

A bud opening…

Reaching for the first ray of light

It senses a beautiful life unfolding…

Though unknowing what each moment will offer

With faith, petals out reach…

To touch the sunshine and drink it in

All glory instantaneously fills its being…

Evolving into what it has never been before.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Awareness explodes into expansiveness,

As a glimpse of what could be 

sparkles like a diamond collecting sunlight;

portraying its momentary brilliance  of colors

in a flash of remembrance

Refresh, Breathe!

Be receptive as Truth is 

revealed, rising from a life changing experience…

delicate and untouched like a rose encased in its own fragrance.

A promise of something new and mysterious  coming  into

existence, birthed for the first time.

A gift, cherished magnetized by the heart

creates inner space.

Acceptance of what was and attention

to what is illuminates life and breathes 

itself into awareness.

I am your Past, warm memories wrapped  around your heart. Laughter and joy and all the moments that make up forever.

A gift to be opened when your mind drifts back for comfort..

I am your Present, a gift of Now where you step into greatness, the woman I knew you always were. I am your dreams, the voice you

hear when you feel despair I am the rose blooming to show you the beauty of life. I am the smile you greet in a stranger’s face, I

am hope embracing you with love….

I am your Future, a vision of possibility. I am the strength that urges you forward. The courage to make each step worthwhile. I am

the love that awaits you, intimate and real. I am that tug inside of you that speaks of wonders that awaits you. I am the one who



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The first leaf of the Season

falling from its only knowing

drifting silently through a still breeze

floating, descending, softly resting,

                                                                     in a new place…

yet the same home,

brothers and sisters will visit soon.

When souls touch and spirits soar

A moment’s ecstasy lasts forever more

Words can only hint at what the heart truly knows

The sun must weep for joy when your sweet light shows

How do I speak of things so clear

Words fail and can’t even come near

If I die tomorrow this moment was mine

I will die happy for I have known the Divine


Have you seen the Darkness that swallows the soul

That place of no hope and utter despair

I have lived there before

On Styx near shore

What terrible stench of death fill the air

Sharon staring emptily demands his toll

My sorrow weighing me

Grief crushing

All future gone

Still I will pay no boatman made of bone

I make my way upward through morass and mire

Torn gates as my weapon and shield

Wretched mutt you will yield

I must now go back into the light

The sun is rising and there is living to be done


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