I shorten this path as a struggled journey

limping indecisively towards a decision that troubles my soul –

With ego guiding my heart I questioned every motive every choice

Until my mind defeated itself surrendering to an inevitable conclusion-

Tortured by complex threads of futile yearnings I allowed passion to wither

Need justified itself as the only recourse to take where love became a weapon-

Its signature left me friendless and alone with my troubled thoughts

I began to crumble when I left you behind-

In the shadow I stood motionless until awareness illumined me with light

Freedom released me from this imprisoned state of illusion-

Transparent we breathed into each other for a brief glance in time

I realized gratitude and shrugged off jealousy to say farewell-

Growth revealed a newer version of me forged by your presence

I will leave you behind but I will never forget…

I Bow To You

I honor each individual with love, peace

confidence and courage.

I know your life is unfolding with ease and

grace and the path that lies before you

is one of acceptance.

It is a road to awareness finding yourself in 

the midst of  detours, signs of confusion.

There behind you is the dust of footprints

well traveled and worn.

You do not live in the echo of the past but

forge ahead to new adventures always seeking, 

always mindful of your present moment.

I hold you in the arms of remembrance knowing

the Truth when you forget.

I promise you the healing of forgiveness, 

the balm of love that soothes and lifts your spirits.

Open the doorway to your soul and discover 

exquisite gifts you have to offer to this world.

Do not waste time cloaking yourself in others

accomplishments, you are unique.

You are the flame that passion ignites, a piercing

shaft of light that illuminates the way with compassion.

I honor you acknowledging your existence as a breath

that breathes new life into this world.

This is leading to your destination where self exploration


Going to work is an automatic ritual of starting the day. Unfortunately I am not always mindful of my surroundings, the scenery is familiar and my main goal is to beat the traffic. One cool, inviting morning I started out as usual hoping to avoid the ever present construction cones throughout the valley. I turned onto Sunset and realized too late that the majority of the street was down to one lane. Frustration mounted as traffic backed up and I was stuck with no option to turn around. I breathed deeply, took a look at the clock and knew that I was going to be late. With that realization neatly tucked into the back of my mind, I began to relax. I rolled down my window and felt a gentle breeze brushed against my skin. I glanced at my surroundings and was amazed at stores I never knew existed. Trees dressed in Spring colors begged for my attention. Nature coexisted with concrete and steel. I had time to read signs that had always blurred as I sped by in previous mornings. Tucked neatly away were areas that felt like a small respite from the daily grind of meeting the clock on its schedule. Being aware of my environment was a gift that reminded me that life moved at a slower, mindful pace was an invitation to awareness. Life existed in between the traffic lights and nature carved out its own special place to present itself despite competition from man made structures. I heard the sweet sound of birds trilling to greet the new season with expectation of rebirth. The radio silent, the phone off I entered a blissful exploration of silence, sound and beauty. I offered my gratitude for the experience of slowing down and becoming aware of life in the midst of traffic and individuals self absorbed with the mind and daily routine. That day I became an observer, stalled in doing and drawn back into being.

Prepare the Way

The inward door to my soul is opened

Ever expansive, there is room within,

Speak to me on a breath of silence

Whisper against my resistance

Capture the moment

Awaken me in a dance of celebration

Allow space and acceptance

Simply meet me, in between the doubt and fear

Illuminate my vision with an expression

Of pure joy and exquisite beauty,

Surrender with abandon, letting go

Letting God.

I have created this mansion to welcome,

To cherish all who come before me

I am filled with anticipation of those who have

yet to arrive. 


As dawn breathes its first breath of the day I  awaken.

My senses become alive as beginning sounds filter through the open window.

A ineffable joy bubbles within me as my heart opens to receive.

I turn inward embracing the sacredness within that calls me home.

I begin to feel a deep vibration of unity with all life.

I allow myself to be an open conduit through which good flows with ease.

Love for myself and all creation circulates and aligns me with perfection.

Union means being in integrity with all things and it starts deep in the center of my being.

I respond to inner promptings guiding gently to follow my passion and let the light shine.

I give attention to the Power that sustains allowing me to triumph over any negative thought.

I experience accomplishments inwardly and realize the “beautiful” person that I am.

I cherish who I have become and outwardly express compassion.

I am on the” Wisdom Way” to self-discovery and self-mastery. 

I yield to a new inner understanding and discover a new view of the world.

I focus on peace, assurance, gratitude and Love.

It began with  the inward journey.




I sit with soft reflective music playing in the distant background …

Mindful of my breath entering my body and slowly being released …

Thoughts attempt to invade my silent retreat …

I return to my breath and the peace that lives inside of me …

Outside noises pulse with their rhythm …

Sound is muted and I absorb the beauty of the moment …

Everyday chaos evades me and I am still …

There is only NOW and I exist as One with the Universe …

The breath deepens and confusion loosens its hold on me ..

 Fear, lack, limitation, and judgment dissipate as release …

Freedom breathes into me and my soul remembers …

My consciousness is elevated and I rise above turmoil …

Awareness surrounds me in blissful contemplation …

I have returned home and I am welcomed with Love.


Days lengthy in  search of motivation

Who mentors the trees to grow or flowers to bloom

Nights solemn in their inky darkness

Who uplifts the stars to shine brightly or the moon to light the sky

Hours stretching into tedious ticks of a clock

Who directs the sun to warm the roots of a tiny plant

Minutes slip past the glance of an eye in silent retreat

Who teaches the animals to follow the winter into hibernation

A second dissipates into nothingness leaving the moment hollow

Who navigates the canyons of the earth as an echo of wisdom

Years build  a wall of resistance against the sanity of reason

Who supports the wings of an eagle to fly without effort

Nature is the example Silence is the great mystery







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